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Cape Town-based Radio Comms Warehouse (RCW), established in 1995, is Africa's leading supplier of Radio Communication Accessories. RCW sources a wide range of equipment from suppliers in China, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries, as well as from South Africa and Europe. The company is the sole African representative for leading brands such as 'NOVA' and supplies radio communications and security related equipment throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Potential customers and agents are encouraged to contact us through this website.

Our product range includes the following

Two way radio battery packs, battery chargers (single and multi unit), spring belt clips, mobile antennas, portable antennas, base station antennas, mobile radio power leads and fuses, external loudspeakers (boxed), internal walkie talkie speakers, mobile mounting brackets, coaxial cable, connectors, coaxial adaptors, audio accessories (overt and covert), mobile and portable microphones, power supplies (AC - DC linear & switch mode), dual meter, current limit bench power supplies, DC - DC convertors, invertors DC - AC, test equipment, R.F semi-conductors, remote controls (DC and tone) tone panels, repeater managers.

IMPORTANT: The Products illustrated and described herein are standard stock items. RCW are however able to source many hundreds of other products (at short notice) from leading manufacturers around the world.

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