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The NOVA range of products has been sourced with one overriding principle in mind - VALUE.

Although generic in nature, NOVA products embody state of the art technologies and in many cases top of the range materials.

An example of this principle is incorporated into NOVA branded Battery Packs where 3 grades of cells are used to produce the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE product lines. The GOLD series uses only Panasonic or Sanyo cells and are equal to or surpass the standards laid down by most OEM's.

Another example is the range of Power Supplies lead by the flagship 10 - 12 amp Supply. This unit incorporates dual metering, adjustable voltage output, switchable voltage inputs, internal standby Battery and thermal overload cut out - truly a world leader in its own right.

NOVA accessories have been chosen by many state and parastatal institutions including the Police Forces of South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

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