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The 'NOVA' range of power supplies is the most extensive by far. Each unit has been developed over the years incorporating value added features such as metering and adjustable voltage. These power supplies are in daily use throughout Africa and much of the Middle East.

Our product range includes the following

  • Power adapters in 1.6Amp and 2.6Amp
  • 3 - 5Amp power supplies
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • 30Amp Rack mount switch mode power supplies
  • Battery back-up exchange boxes
  • 26.8 Volt DC regulated power supplies
  • Test bench DC regulated power supplies
  • 3Amp 12Volt DC power supplies
  • AC power supplies
  • 10 Channel, 12Amp CCTV power supplies

IMPORTANT: The Products illustrated and described herein are standard stock items. RCW are however able to source many hundreds of other products (at short notice) from leading manufacturers around the world.

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